I often wonder what the world looks and feels like to others. Not just other humans, but to other creatures. This curiosity might have begun upon viewing the Disney animated 'Sword in the Stone'. Merlin turns Arthur into an owl and a fish. However in the movie Arthur still sees the world with human eyes and cognition. He gets to fly like a bird and swim like a fish but he doesn't get to be them, with their understanding of the world. Our eyes, ears, sense of smell, skin, nerve endings, and brains are all structured in a different way. For example many birds can see uv light. Our concept of visible light is human centric, as is our construct of the world in general.

What might I get to experience if I stop being me and truly become another. What is it like to be a plant? Do plants process information in a way that is analogous to thinking, but in a way that is unavailable to us.

There is information all around us that we don't notice, because we can't. We do however have imagination and wonder. In order to expand our world we should empower these capacities. Get out there and ponder.